A PeaceWeaver

About Us

A PeaceWeaver…

Sees the Interconnectedness, the Weaving of All Life, and dedicates one’s life to creating Peace on Earth.

Lives in consideration of all the “threads” that make up the Weaving – the Earth, the Air, the Water & All Beings – and causes no harm to any.

Understands that each of us has an impact on all of us – and, together, we can bring an end to Pain & Suffering.

Devotes one’s self to the highest good for all and activates the deepest compassion with one’s thoughts, words, and actions.

Realizes that we ourselves must be Well to be at Peace – so that the world can become more Well and be at Peace.

Practices balance & strength of well-being physically, mentally and emotionally so that we can serve more effectively.

Creates functional family through good nutrition, clear communication and a loving environment.

Inspires each child to see their own unique gifts and to share them with the world.

Encourages all people to be gentle, kind, & loving and to do their very best.

Reaches out to help create a connected community providing greater opportunities of wellness and meaningful work for all.

Finds ways to provide food & shelter for all of those in need.

Strives through using organic farming and permaculture to preserve our valuable ecosystem and to grow nutritious food.

Applies natural building methods to build safe, ecologically sound and affordable homes.

Turns to renewable energy sources to power our world in balance.

Uses these green-sustainable practices to preserve and improve our beloved planet.

Honors all Traditions of Kindness, and Inspires Compassionate Change.

Respects all cultural and religious diversity, and acknowledges the common human experience we all share.

Secures the Unity of our Global Family and commits to Living Peacefully together on Planet Earth – Our Home.

Together, with Great Love, as Weavers of Peace, we consciously pick up all these precious threads and weave a better world for the children of all species now and the future generations to come.

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