About Us

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Our mission is to live in sustainable community and to inspire greater peace and well-being for individuals, families, and our Planet Earth…

With unconditional presence and love we are a global community of authentic transformation weaving together life enhancing practices including a plant based-vegan diet, growing our own food organically, sacred circle, silent meditation, green building and more.

We are committed to living in the moment and being responsive to the tremendous changes happening at this time. We are dedicated to encouraging everyone to awaken to great compassion and do their best to create a more balanced world. Together, then, we can pass on a legacy of true health and happiness to future generations of all species.

Our History

Learn more about the history of the PeaceWeavers.

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Meet our staff.

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Global Movement

PeaceWeaving as a global movement…

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Meet our Elders.

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Our Vision

Read the PeaceWeaver Vision.

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A PeaceWeaver…

Sees the Interconnectedness, the Weaving of All Life…

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