First of all I have been feeling great since I left! I have been doing all the things that we talked about at the retreat. Honestly I feel so good about what I am eating and so conscious of what I am putting in my body that my cells are singing!
Colleen K. –  Pennsylvania
As for this weekend….  I have never felt more grounded, more centered, more whole and complete.  Everything about this weekend made sense to me and allowed me to really look at everything in my life and differentiate between good and well.  Some things might taste good or look good or feel good temporarily but do not make me feel well overall.  I discovered how much I hold on to— stress, judgments, opinions, thoughts, emotions, etc.  Having the time and the safe space allowed me to let go of more than I ever thought possible in one weekend.  I am refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and ready to make an even larger difference in the world thanks to you.
Marcie R. – New York
This week’s PeaceWeaver Cleansing Fast was very moving. A group of special people and some special communion, a sweat lodge that left many of us profoundly touched. Thanks to all the staff and participants. Love & Peace
Virginia D.  New York
You guys are amazing – I love you!  The retreat was much needed and much overdue – I had no idea just how rewarding it would be for my soul to spend a healing weekend on Thunder Mountain. I look forward to the summer gathering and I plan to come back for the November retreat – hopefully with my brother and sister – it would be good for us!
Courtney K. New Jersey
I can’t even start to tell you how grateful I am for ever getting this opportunity to rebirth myself. Every time I come up, al little of the old dies and a little more of the new strives.
Michelle C. Pennsylvania
Well, first of all I must say thank you for such a beautiful experience at Thunder Mountain. I feel at such peace while I am present and when I come home. It is exciting and moving all at the same time. I am truly grateful to have such a profound group of people in my life.
And my brother was so ready to meet and discover the beauty of PeaceWeavers. He is a ‘ripe’ spirit and has so much love and compassion to share. He is my greatest teacher and inspiration and I was blessed to have him along on this journey with me.
Michael H.  New York

Kid’s Camp

I just want to thank you for the WONDERFUL time you gave my little girl at the Kids Peace Camp. She actually went there with a very negative attitude and expecting to be miserable. But she was just glowing last night, showing her journal, talking about all the kids and the play and all the great stuff they did. Your kindness and gentleness has been very apparent from the start. In this kind of vibration a little girl can feel safe and be happy.
Jane M. New Jersey


I want to thank everyone on the Farm for making my participation in your CSA such a wonderful experience this season. You are all very special people making everyone so welcome and showing us how to be helpful to the process. I learned so much I had never known before! Thank you for existing in this Bath area community.
Diane B.
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had working with all of you on the farm…I feel like I learned so much, made new friends, gained a broader perspective on farming, and enjoyed fantastic veggies as well!  I also felt that the share was MORE than enough, and could have fed a family of 4 quite easily, whereas we only have 2 in our family so far.  So for us, the shares were abundant, and I enjoyed sharing it all with my extended family and neighbors….  Thanks again for all that you do, and for sharing it with the rest of us!
Kristin B.
I have become a very satisfied member of our community farm. The garden is a great place to meet new friends. It’s fun to get dirty hands, make jokes and breathe the fresh air. I recommend that if our CSA interests you to check it out, by making a phone call and visiting the farm once things get started in the spring.
Dave W.
I’ve been a PeaceWeaver for about five years and have been actively participating in their garden program for three of those years. I love everything about it – – – the people, the produce, the sun-wind-rain of the process. The integrity of the people translates beautifully into their commitment to preserving the beautiful land they inhabit. Each year I have been impressed with the new/heirloom varieties and the enthusiasm of the gardeners. I’m eager for the season to begin!
Nancy C.
I have belonged to the PeaceWeaver Organic Farm for two years as a working member. I go once a week for a few hours and help in the garden with seasonal chores such as planting, weeding and harvesting. The “work” is fun and happy. The gardeners have a wonderful time together while tending the gardens.
The PeaceWeavers are simply the best people on the planet. They take great care with all that they do on their land, in the community and globally to promote peace, happiness and health. I couldn’t recommend this farm more. It’s good for the body, mind and soul! I’m lucky to live nearby.
Mary B.
I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the CSA at PeaceWeavers each of the last two growing seasons, and have only positive feedback to give about my time there. I met a wide range of people with many different backgrounds and interests. It may not even seem like work at times, since you are usually chatting–sometimes even SINGING–along with friends. By day the CSA members may be office workers, independent business owners, chefs, retired folks, etc. But when we reach the PeaceWeavers farm, we all work together to help cultivate a wonderful assortment of delicious nutritional produce that you can feel good about feeding your family. Sound like fun? Join today!
Jonathan S.

Summer Peace Gathering/Seasonal Gatherings

If the people of the world could know of the beauty and love that was shared over those five days, they would be moved to throw away all that stood in their way of real happiness and come together as one human family.
Fred G. Ohio
We cannot begin to fully express how much you touched our lives.  Each of us within our family has returned from the peace gathering a changed person in one aspect or another.  Together, we are functioning more peacefully as a family.
Patricia & Chris H. New Jersey
Thank you for a wonderful Gathering.  My family and I have reconnected more deeply, rested and rejuvenated ourselves and have committed more deeply to the reality that peace will come.
Hari Jot K. New Jersey
We love the family retreats at the Peaceweavers and haven’t missed a spring, summer or winter family retreat for 10 years!

The abundance of joy, laughter, and love in a deeply safe atmosphere creates a wonderful space for both adults and children to blossom into their full and beautiful selves.   What a wonderful gift to ourselves and the world when we take the time away from our daily lives to go decompress, expand, heal, laugh, cry, connect with dear friends, eat fabulous meals, and soak up the love & land at FUNder Mountain!

Sherri E. New York

Teen Initiation

The Coming of Age retreat was an intimate rugged weekend with my son. The best part was getting the opportunity to take a long look at our relationship. I always knew that Danny was growing up, but during this weekend I realized for the first time, that he was becoming a man, and that soon he would be on his own. I saw him differently from then on. I expected the weekend experience to be mostly beneficial for his growth, but to my surprise, it was an awakening for me. I began to understand that for him to become a man, I had to let him go—not an easy task for me. I felt the grand responsibility as father, to give him direction and guidance on what it means to be a man. The weekend left me with a pride and joy in my son that I hadn’t been conscious of before. Lastly, and most significantly, the leaders of the retreat are all strong, solid, loving men; great examples for my son to see how men live with integrity, clear vision, and a loving heart in relationship to others.
Jim H. New Jersey

Natural Building Colloquium

When I heard about this I knew it was going to be cool, but I’ve had ten times more fun than I ever thought I was going to. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ll definitely be back.
Matt M.
I’ve been getting very interested in natural building, and this was recommended to me as sort of an overall vision of that. It’s been great, very useful.
Sue J.
Awesome. The timber framing project is great. Great instructor. Incredible group of people. And I had a ukulele lesson! It’s very embracing.
Liz J.
One thing I love about this colloquium is that it’s a community… I love that.
Kristen R.
With fuel depletion, peak oil, and climate change happening, it’s easy to understand the many compelling reasons for natural building. This is where it’s at for a sustainable future in housing, building design, performance, community design… the whole thing.
Dan M.
Connections — connections to people, connections to the natural methods, and ways to learn and grow.
Dave M.
The presenters are really awesome — they’ve got a lot of great information and really seem to know their stuff.
Chris M.
This is great! I was sort of expecting ‘hippies.’ There are people here with progressive ideas, but still planted in reality. People I can really identify with.
Clay D.
For me it’s a combination of inspiration and vacation, retreat and refuge. Being around people who are thinking the same thing as me — mostly — except for the crazy stuff — is such a gift. I can’t imagine not getting here again. It would take a pretty big blizzard.
Georgie D.
No matter what age you are, or if you have children or not, this is a great place to come and play, or let your inner children come and play.
Alison B.
I worked on the strawbale a lot, and I’m really inspired to go home and try it out. I’ve been really enjoying the company of the people I’ve been working with.
Emily A.
It’s out of my own skin a little bit — but this is a place to grow into some new skin. Very refreshing.
Aaron V.
I’ve been coming up here every year, learning a lot about natural building and community. I enjoy the food, and sitting around the campfire is really nice in the evening, talking to people. I just love being up here.
Janice B.
The best people in the world are on Thunder Mountain today.
David L.


Knowing the PeaceWeavers has affected my life in many ways: from the way I handle stress, choose my diet and connect with others.  When I met the PeaceWeavers I had no support.  I felt alone, isolated, unheard.  I handled stress poorly.  I was unconscious of my diet, my body and my environment.  The PeaceWeavers taught me how to accept love and support, to find strength in vulnerability, how to nurture myself, how to live consciously.
Karen Fowler New Jersey
We have been involved with the PeaceWeavers for about 4 years and have come to love them.  They use a fun, spiritual – all and any denominations – with a focus on their part on Native American and Buddhism.  I think that being involved with them has done so much for our appreciation of each other in our family and for healing of me and our girls from our “psychic wounds,” traumas or whatever.  I’m so not kidding.  I think that it is also from my involvement with them that I have evolved into a person who knows that service to others is truly the only path to happiness.  For me one of the greatest benefits has been all that our girls have gained from being involved with a community of people who hold and live from the values of peace and love and health and kindness.  I really love these people so much and think that you will too.  My experience with these people has only caused me to trust and love them more and more with each contact.  We have gained so much from them!
Maria Lombardo, Geneseo, NY
I feel so much of where I am is a result of the love that was given to me by all of you.  you really did help me to love myself, to see myself, and to become someone of substance…Thank you all for supporting us, for loving us… not a day goes by that I don’t think of you all and say thank you for our connection.  Love to each and every one of you up there on Thunder Mountain.  Thank you for simply being you!
Gina B. New York
This last circle was THE most profound and beautiful circle for me to date.  I felt that everyone was more inner-connected than ever before.  I am still in awe of the natural beauty and am finding more beauty in everything and everyone even more so now.

Discovering Thunder Mountain and meeting the Peaceweavers has been one of THE most incredible experiences of my life.  There is a wholeness and a balance about it that is difficult to find in this fast-paced world.  Not only is there a strong circle of friends, there is love beyond measure, endless generosity, compassion for all beings, and peace that can be found or re-discovered everywhere.  That peace is abundant on the surrounding gorgeous land, within the buildings and structures, and most importantly- within ourselves.

The Peacweavers have truly changed my life forever.  I now have a closer relationship with my son because of you.  I am closer than ever with some of my friends and family members because of the love and commitment that you have provided me.  I am a more whole and complete person because of your guidance and direction.  Going to Peaceweavers rejuvenates my soul.  It centers and grounds me and fills my inner tank to be ready to make an even bigger difference the days following my time there.  You are like a beautiful melody that makes me smile and stays with me for an extended period of time.  The world needs weavers of peace now more than ever before. I am so grateful that I was introduced to your beautiful space and amazing beings.  I am a better mother, companion, daughter, sister, and friend because of you.  Thank you!!!!

I love you dearly and we will help in any way that we can.

Marcie Richmond, Olean, NY
SO much love is going out to everyone there from the deepest place in my heart. I was giving heartfelt thanks last night that you all keep on every single day with the work there. B/C so many of us “out” here have grown to depend on what you do there. We depend on having that sacred space on TM to come to. People we can come and connect with. Nowhere else in our lives is there such a place to go?! Where is it? It’s just not anywhere near here you know?

We can try to find it in our daily practices but it’s not the same, there’s no replacement for just being there with you all and our kindred Spirits.

Becky B. New York
Sometimes all it takes is a trip to Thunder Mountain, to be with the PeaceWeavers, to reverse years of deep negative belief in oneself. Thank you for giving me my life back.
Leah H.  Pennsylvania
This has been only my second time at the PeaceWeavers, but each time I came away with something that I need and haven’t even been looking for.  Each time I came closer to myself.
Laura B. New Jersey
Thanks for all the wonderful work you do and thanks for holding that sacred space to provide positive energy for the world and its people.
Connie A. New York
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