About Us

our history

PeaceWeaver vision

With deep abiding trust in the fabric of life,
we are on this journey:

To open to a greater self-awareness,
to live more closely as a community
through daring deeper honesty & love,
to honor all life with a daily practice of meditation,
mindfulness, prayer, conscious eating,
and sharing in sacred circle.

To connect with our greater family all over the world,
to support them by honoring their sacredness,
by offering healing and service,
& by sharing practices which help us grow
as individuals and as a community.

To Honor Our Mother Earth
with song and prayer
and gratitude
for her gifts
& of our connections
with all her creatures.

With patience, simplicity and compassion,
we let go to our basic goodness and
weave many new threads in the web
of our planetary family.


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