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Agnes White Mouse

Lakota elder from Rosebud Reservation, SD. We met Agnes on our second caravan in 1992. She spent her lifetime supporting medicine men with ceremony and was deeply devoted to family and tribe.

Andy & Irene Naytowhow

Cree elders from Saskatchewan who we met at Green Grass, SD in 1996. Mighty Spirits who we welcomed as Elders at our gatherings and who shared their stories, songs, wisdom and jokes!

Al Vasquez

Dear friend from Jersey City, New Jersey who graced our lives while we lived at the RoundHouse. He went from being a gang member to a holistic healer who through his spiritual transformation inspired so many.

Baba Olatunji

Originally from Nigeria. World-renowned drummer, performer, recording artist, and global grandfather who first brought the rhythms of West Africa to the United States. Baba and his troupe performed at our first and second Mother Earth Music & Arts Festivals. We share his vision of bringing people together to celebrate the Oneness of all Life.

Barbara & Peter Weber

Barbara participated in Talking Stick Circles at the RoundHouse during our early years in NJ. She would bring friends who were in recovery and seeking spiritual nourishment. She is a dedicated therapist to those with addiction and trauma issues. She and Peter, who escaped Austria on foot with his family during the Holocaust, are kind, gentle Elders who vibrantly embrace a healthy lifestyle. They continue to attend our Summer Peace Gatherings.

Chester Kahn

Dine (Navajo) elder and friend from Arizona. An amazing artist & member of the Baha’i faith we met in 1991 at the Spiritual Unity of Tribes gathering in New Mexico. Chester is a true visionary and Weaver of Peace whom we love dearly.

Connie & Earnest Mirabal

Hopi & Pueblo elders from New Mexico who are leaders in the Spiritual Unity of the Tribes (SUT) gatherings. We met them in 1991 at the SUT gathering they organized in Nambe Falls, NM. Earnest is currently governor of Nambe Pueblo. Connie actively serves with other indigenous grandmothers bringing inspiration and healing to many.

Earl Swift Hawk

Lakota Medicine Man from Rosebud Reservation, SD. Uncle Earl & his wife Edna served their tribe mightily by keeping their traditions alive. We were blessed to do vision quest and other ceremonies with them.

Eryn Paul Sackmann

Our dear spirit brother, a profound herbalist and healer, Eryn Paul was our original sacred song singer who passed on in 2005.

Genevieve White Wing & Colin Horse Looking

These two Lakota Elders from Rosebud Reservation, SD touched us deeply with their hospitality and insight during our visits. Genevieve has worked to keep the Lakota community healthy in many ways.

George Isaacs

George attended one of our Summer Peace Gatherings with his son, and our dear friend, Hanan Isaacs. He brought warmth, wit and charm to everyone he met. His spirit remains in our Hearts and on the Land.

Joan Lucas

Known to us affectionately as “Mt. Shasta Mama”, Joan was a remarkable woman from Mt Shasta, CA who danced and then supported others to dance, act & sing with joy and enthusiasm all of her life. She performed on Broadway, television, and with Gene Kelley in the film “Singing in the Rain”. She hosted us on several caravans.

Jose Lucero

a Pueblo Elder from New Mexico who attended Gatherings here at Thunder Mtn. He has helped many native young people be successful and supported indigenous elders from around the continent to connect and share their wisdom.

Ken McCleary

A dear friend from Trenton, NJ. Ken was a kind, loving healer and truly a gentle giant.

Kunchok & Namtso

Devout Tibetan Buddhist grandmothers now living in Canada. They were on the ’97 Independence Walk for Tibet from Toronto to NYC which stopped at Thunder Mountain. We have welcomed them here to Thunder Mtn as Elders at several Gatherings. They inspire us with their deep faith and gentle spirits.

Marie Black Lance

Daughter of Chief Harry Blue Thunder of the Ring Thunder clan on Rosebud Reservation, SD. Through Marie’s work with the talented quilters on Rosebud, we have beautiful quilts to raffle off each year at our Gatherings.

Marion DeCamp

Mother of Al DeCamp, one of our core staff members. Marion embraced us as family and touched many with her sweet soul and big heart.

Nnakku Mulondo

Nnakku, a dear, gentle, strong woman devoted to her family, is a storyteller and advisor of youth as well as a PeaceWeaver Elder. Nnakku is also the mother of Samite of Uganda, an incredible musician and friend who played at our MEMA Festivals.

Ray McAdam

A Buddhist monk from Millstone, NJ. Ray inspired us with the depth of his life experience and his dedication to Tibetan Buddhism.

Rolling Thunder

A Cherokee elder from Nevada. RT was a medicine man who brought forth Native wisdom to the world. He influenced many, including Bob Dylan, who created a road show entitled the Rolling Thunder Review. RT hosted us at his place in the Nevada desert during our second caravan in 1992.

Vernon One Feather

Lakota Elder from South Dakota. We met Vernon on our second caravan. He and his wife Emalee were involved in the Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gatherings and hosted several at their home in the Black Hills. Emalee remains a PeaceWeaver Elder and a true Earth Mother.


Siberian Husky. A remarkable dog who lived with us during our early years. She was beautiful and incredibly aware. She was famous for her ability to howl “I love you.”


Black Lab who we “inherited” when we purchased Thunder Mountain. BJ was a very loyal, strong being who protected us and our home.


In 1993 Willow found “Koko”, an orphaned puppy, in New Mexico on one of our Peace and Healing Caravans. He traveled the country with us, lived at the RoundHouse, our Center in NJ, and then lived at Thunder Mountain where he was a mighty guardian and gentle warrior. Koko loved everyone who came to the Mountain up to his passing in the summer of 2010 at age 17.

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