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Greg Lynn Weaver

The leading visionary and one of the Co-founders of the PeaceWeavers, Greg Lynn has been the Spiritual Director since our beginning. As a teacher and healer he has devoted over forty years to the practices of meditation and well-being.

Greg Lynn grew up in Rochester, Michigan, and attended Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo before leaving to pursue his spiritual journey. He trained for over fifteen years with Zen Teacher Roshi Philip Kapleau at the Rochester Zen Center in NY. In 1976, during his time in Rochester, NY, Greg Lynn co-founded Soy Boy Tofu, a tofu manufacturing company that continues on today. In 1978 Soy Boy opened The Tofu Shop Deli, the first vegan/soy deli in North America. In 1980 Greg Lynn took over the deli and expanded it into a full service vegetarian restaurant, The Lotus Cafe. In the 1990’s, Greg Lynn was healing attendant to Bhante Dharmawara (1889-1999), world-renowned Buddhist monk and healer. Their ten year relationship ended in 1999 with Bhante’s death at age 110.

Greg Lynn facilitates a variety of retreats and gatherings at Thunder Mountain Peace Sanctuary in Bath, NY. In addition to his spiritual leadership with groups of all sizes, Greg Lynn offers individual healing sessions, records inspirational CD’s, and is in the process of writing several books about the practice of well-being, natural building, and living a spiritual life. He also teaches “Health & Happiness” class in our cooperative home school. Greg Lynn is father of Skye.

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Willow Corrado

One of the Co-founders of the PeaceWeavers, Willow oversees the entire in-house operation. She also manages the office, does the bookkeeping, and, along with Greg Lynn, coordinates all retreats, gatherings, events, and more.

As a colon hydro-therapist, reflexologist, and massage therapist, she offers her healing work at the Sanctuary. Willow grew up in New Jersey, attended Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania and also studied abroad. After living in England for several years she returned to the states and became the manager of the Whole Earth Center, a natural foods store in Princeton, NJ.

As much as Willow loved her work at Whole Earth, she left to travel on the first PeaceWeaver Peace and Healing Caravan and has continued to devote her entire life to serving our global family. She teaches Language Arts and Math in our cooperative home school. Willow is the mother of Rose and Aidan.


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