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Building Community

Talking Stick Circle

On the second Tuesday of each month we host a Talking Stick Circle for the local community. Circle is the simple process of quieting and grounding, acknowledging the circle of life, singing, drumming, and passing a talking stick. Rooted in indigenous tradition, Circle provides a safe space where people can speak, listen, and deepen their understanding of self and others. All are welcome to come share their hearts and to open to all the others who are present.

Full Moon Celebration

Each month on the evening of the Full Moon we host a Celebration which includes a simple ceremony with drumming and sending out healing prayers to loved ones and the world. Afterwards we share in a vegan potluck dinner. Friends from near and far join us for this time of honoring the Light of the Full Moon and the Love of our Full Hearts.

Solstice / Equinox Celebrations

On these days of transitioning from one season to the next, we gather with friends to honor this moment in time and space and to vision Peace for the World. A vegan potluck follows the ceremony (don’t forget the dessert!).

Natural Foods Buying Club

Through this cooperative buying club, members can purchase the following at a discounted price: organic & natural foods – frozen, refrigerated and dry goods; healthy cleaners; health supplements; personal care products; organic fruits & vegetables. Benefits of Club Membership include saving money, choice of a large variety of products, plus the opportunity to buy items in bulk and case quantities.

Helen Rubar Memorial Peace Scholarship

This scholarship honors local high school students who are compassionate and working in their own way for Peace and Justice in their community and beyond. The PeaceWeavers and the Bath Peace & Justice Group co-sponsor this annual scholarship of $1,000 or more to graduating seniors. This award is given in memory of Helen Rubar, an extraordinary woman who demonstrated great devotion to her local community, the nation and the planet. The Peace Scholarship is given each year at a special Reception/Fundraiser in early June.

If you’d like to join us, please be in touch to confirm dates & times and to RSVP. Please also contact us if you’d like to be on our local e-mail list for events at Thunder Mountain (607.776.4060 or

Healing Services

Thunder Mountain provides a tranquil environment to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.

Come to our healing center to relax and return to balance and harmony. Our staff is here to help you successfully deepen your healing process. The following services are available by appointment and at our retreats:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Ginger Compresses
  • Wellness Counseling
  • Reflexology
  • Ear Candling

Greater Community

New Year’s Peace Gathering

Each January we host our New Year’s Peace Gathering in Princeton, NJ. This event is a magical evening of renewal, reunion, and remembering who we are as spiritual and planetary family. The New Year’s Peace Gathering is a bedrock event for the holistic, alternative and peace communities in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. At each gathering we host hundreds of people! We come together to honor the Circle of Life and to vision Peace for a New Year. Join us to drum, sing, increase the vibration of Peace, and send out prayers for all beings on the Planet at our 21st annual gathering on January 15th, 2011 at 7pm at the Princeton University Chapel.

Sustainability Presentations & PeaceWeaver Slideshows

We present at colleges and to civic groups on Natural Building and Sustainable Agriculture for Earth Day and sustainability conferences. We also offer slideshows about the PeaceWeaver community and our Peace Sanctuary. If you would like us to present to your group, please contact us.

Circle at Colleges

We regularly present Talking Stick Circle in classes and special events at many colleges including Union County Community College, Rutgers University, Elmira College, Corning Community College, SUNY at Buffalo, and Buffalo State University. If you would like us to speak at your college or in your class, please be in touch with us.


During many summers we have traveled as community on Peace and Healing Caravans across the United States. We visit people in cities, the country, and at Native Nations (reservations) with a focus on service and weaving people and cultures together. We have found that honoring and acknowledging people for their own tradition and understanding brings deep healing and peace for all. As Medicine Man Black Elk reminded us, “It is time to heal the hoop of life.”

Building Community in the Classroom

This workshop is a comprehensive professional development program designed to improve communication, reduce stress, build character, and strengthen community between teachers, students, and parents. Using Talking Stick Circle as a base, we guide teachers to speak from the heart and listen in a more profound way. Teachers learn how to create a safe environment and an inspired space for each student to find and share their own unique voice and to hear those of their classmates.

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