Seasonal Gatherings

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seasonal gatherings

Seasonal Gatherings

Garden & Harvest Weekends

Celebrate and honor the seasons with great food, fun and family on the Mountain! Strengthen your inner peace and your connection with the web of life during these times of renewal.

Natural Building Colloquium

Meet and be inspired by the nation’s foremost natural builders, designers and sustainable living educators. Learn hands on natural building techniques – straw bale, cob, timber framing, earthen plastering + more!

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Visioning Retreat

Begin the New Year with a clear vision of the year ahead. Through Circle, Lodge and conscious letting go of the old, we welcome in love, joy & the beauty of winter on the mountain.

Summer Peace Gatherings

The quintessential PeaceWeaver experience!! A whole week of participating in loving, supportive community on the land and under the stars. Reconnect with your true self, your family, the Earth, and all the other beautiful people who come back year after year!

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Teen Rites of Passage

This ritualized passage from childhood to young adulthood supports parents & teens to bond and become more fully who they are in this time of great change.

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