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For over 20 years the PeaceWeavers have been dedicated to providing spiritual inspiration and practical support to individuals and families to live in great awareness and compassion. We live in a pivotal time in the life of the Planet with global warming and conflicts and we are called to take greater conscious actions.

So with this in mind we offer the PeaceWeavers “Circle of Support” monthly membership to support folks in their daily practice. Membership includes a monthly Peace and Healing Talk & Meditation and a discount on Retreats and seasonal gatherings. The Talk and Meditation helps you stay grounded to Peace and Healing in your everyday life so that you can take positive actions in all aspects of your life.

Try the membership for a month or two and see the benefit it holds for you and your family. Turn your friends on to it as well to increase the “Circle of Support.” It is our birthright to bring out our best and create new paradigms of Peace and Well Being to pass on to our children.

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levels of support

Koko Level

5% off retreats and seasonal gatherings

Frodo Level

10% off retreats and seasonal gatherings

Mojo Level

15% off retreats and seasonal gatherings

What the heck is a KOKO, FRODO, and MOJO?

We have named the membership levels after three of our beloved pets that have lived at Thunder Mountain…

KOKO – Willow’s devoted dog who passed on at the age of 17 and was guardian of the land

FRODO – Greg Lynn, Stef & Skye’s loving black lab

MOJO – Greg Lynn, Stef & Skye’s black and white character, we mean cat. He’s got his mojo workin’… and you can too!

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