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2018 schedule of events
Dec 2017/Jan 2018 29-1 Visioning Retreat
January 13 New Year’s Peace Gathering, Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, NJ
February 15-18 Winter Silent Retreat
March 2-4 Peace Weekend
21-25 Equinox Fasting Cleanse
May 3-6 Spring Silent Retreat
25-27 Garden Weekend
June 1-3 Peace Weekend
21-24 Solstice Fasting Cleanse
July 5-8 Teen Leadership Course
8-11 Kids Peace Camp A
12-15 Kids Peace Camp B
August 8-12 Summer Peace Gathering!
September 19-23 Equinox Fasting Cleanse
October 5-7 Harvest Weekend
18-21 Autumn Silent Retreat
November 2-4 Peace Weekend
Nov/Dec 29-2 Fasting Cleanse
Dec 2018/Jan 2019 29-1 Visioning Retreat

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